The Chinese Pennies
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can I donate to the Chinese Pennies program?
Yes! You can make donations in person or by mail or via PayPal account

Imaginary Colours
1316 19th St.
Belleville, KS 66935

Alternatively, you may donate via PayPal.

A good way to donate is to just bring us your spare pennies. You weren't going to use them, anyway, right? :)

Before you donate, bear in mind that the Chinese Pennies program is not a charity, and you will not receive any tax benefit by donating. We might become a charity in the future, but have no plans to at this time. For now, this is just a way to make a positive change in the futures of the children of Belleville.
What is the point of giving away pennies?
Is the Chinese Pennies story true?
What is your privacy policy?
Is there a registration fee?
If it's free for all children, why do I need to register?
How long may a child participate in the Chinese Pennies program?
Where do you get the pennies to give away?

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