The Chinese Pennies
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How to Contribute

There are many people who help make Chinese Pennies possible. We are thankful for every single person!

The ways people help are varied, and every effort is appreciated more greatly than most people realize. Below are some of the ways people have helped Chinese Pennies and how you can contribute.
Donate spare change (we'll accept more than just pennies)Donate narrow yellow or gold ribbon
Donate red plastic such as from disposable table clothsDonate red spray paint
Volunteer to wrap pennies in red plasticVolunteer to paint pennies red
Most importantly, though:
Tell your friends!Encourage your youngsters to participate.
Help your youngsters to learn to give, save, invest and spend wisely.Pray for the success of Chinese Pennies, that it will change people's lives.
Spread the word: Send our website link to friends, and post it on your website, email, chatroom posts, etc.Bring your kids to us every weekday to pick up their pennies.
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