The Chinese Pennies
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Every morning on their way to school, each boy and girl humbly took ten of Mr. Tsao’s pennies, saying “Good morning, Uncle,” and “Thank you, Uncle” while bowing respectfully. For even as little children they knew there was great responsibility in accepting this kind man’s pennies.Mr. & Mrs. Tsao
Mr. & Mrs. Shu-Tung Tsao
Mr. Tsao had only three rules. He required that for each ten pennies, each boy or girl must:

1. give one penny to their church or someone in need,
2. save one penny to be spent only after graduating high school,
3. invest one penny to be given as inheritance to his or her descendants.

The remaining seven pennies could be given, saved, invested or spent as each child desired.

But Mr. Tsao’s money was not the gift the children received.
Over the course of many years, hundreds of children with thousands of pennies learned to give generously, save wisely, and spend thriftily.

Today, I want to continue the tradition my great-grandfather began. I will give up to $1,000 (in pennies) to the children of Belleville, Kansas. Every child may stop by my store and pick up ten pennies each weekday.
 Tsao Seal
“Uncle” Tom Tsao
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